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"As a former surgeon, I’ve listened to hundreds of stories from physicians, observed financial Trends related to doctors and made almost every financial mistake I wrote about in 9 Money Mistakes Doctors Make…and How You, Doctor, Can Avoid Losing Literally Millions of Dollars."

"I want to help you avoid the obvious and costly mistakes I see smart, successful physicians make.”

Dr. Vicki Rackner MD, FACS

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My colleague, author and retired surgeon Dr. Vicki Rackner MD, FACS is passionate about her post-surgical career of helping doctors avoid money mistakes. Dr. Rackner has been on a mission to do whatever it takes in completing this task of helping doctors avoid financial mistakes because she understands that prevention, e.g., ‘early detection’ of money mistakes is paramount.

Dr. Rackner is adamant on doctor’s biggest lifetime money mistake, ‘Taxes’ and continuously repeats that taxes will be a doctors biggest lifetime expense…especially all during a potentially long retirement timeline…when taxes will be most likely be substantially higher.

For 25 years, my number # 1 objective has always been ‘Safety of Principle’ therefore, not one client has ever lost a dime. This track record did not happen because of investing luck. This end result was well planned for from day one. That has been my purpose as well as the goals of my clients, “Never lose money”.

As a Retirement Income Certified Professional, RICP® the second part of my practice is mitigating and/or eliminating taxes all during a potentially long retirement timeline. This combined subject matter of eliminating Risk & Taxes is of utmost importance to my clients because all during their retirement years taxes could be substantially higher…In addition, they likely will need their money the most during that same time frame.

Without a plan, many retirees will be blindsided with higher-than-expected taxes…as well as higher expenses.

In summary, ‘never losing money’ plus legally paying the least amount of taxes equates to maximizing net-spendable income all during retirement. This process requires advanced planning and knowledge, not mainstream advice.

Larry Kraujalis, RICP®


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