My respect for doctors began decades ago…

In 1982, I had the misfortune of being in a bicycle accident that required emergency surgery and nearly a year of rehab…

Which was then followed by corrective surgery!

During this 18-month period, my team of doctors administered care and rehab oversight that I will never forget! (Thank You doctors!)

Decades later, and especially today, it is evident and obvious to me that most doctors are not receiving ‘customized’ tax planning advice that would be in their very best 'lifelong' interest.

In addition, doctors are holding too much risk within their investment accounts and that disruption of compounding can be harmful to maximizing lifetime income.

My colleague, author and retired surgeon Dr. Vicki Rackner MD, FACS, has extensively researched this matter and adamantly confirms this scenario to be true. Further research by Dr. Rackner shows that taxes will be a doctor’s biggest lifetime expense, especially during retirement.

Top national PhD economic professors from the finest universities say our U.S. debt is out of control, and looming tax increases are very real.

Accountants/CPA's will complete your annual taxes... but they will not plan for your future tax liabilities. They focus on the current year of tax preparation…not future years of taxation.

What if there was a way to keep more {legally and ethically} of your hard-earned lifetime income/savings...every year all through your retirement years? The bottom-line outcome is more net-spendable(tax-free) lifetime income.

The U.S. tax system is complicated. Truly mitigating your lifetime tax burden requires ‘forward thinking tax strategies’…not just annual tax reporting.

Your financial concerns could be transformed into lifetime financial clarity, and we will continue to serve you year-round, keeping your future planning on track.

We refer to this as "staying in control of your financial destiny".

As a doctor, you know just how valuable a second opinion can be…

I have witnessed a doctor save millions of dollars through a second opinion conversation!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for a no-obligation conversation!

Why? There are two reasons!

  1. I am local in Clearwater for 25 years…serving you year-round.
  2. Because "I really care about the physicians like you who serve our community."