Just like in the medical industry, education is paramount.

We are educators and are 100% risk adverse… just like doctors and medical professionals are.

I feel called to help doctors and medical professionals ever since 1982 when I was involved in a bicycle accident with a vehicle, and I was thrown from my bicycle. The emergency care I received was exceptional as well as the surgery/corrective surgery and a year of rehabilitation. Thank You! I will never forget.

There are 5 real life purpose reasons why we serve medical professionals on this needed subject matter of ‘risk’ and ‘taxes’…especially in our current economic environment?

  1. Medical Professionals are not receiving "customized" tax reduction planning education that would be in their very best interest...especially as taxes in the U.S. are poised to increase…
  2. Accountant/CPAs offer annual tax preparation, bookkeeping and filing services...not customized tax reduction planning to reduce 'lifetime' taxes.
  3. The vast majority of Medical Professionals believe their accountant/CPA handles 'everything' when their annual tax-preparation is completed every April 15th...that is almost 100% not true.
  4. When 'risk' and 'taxes' start the conversation, many other pertinent life's facts expose themselves to benefit Medical Professionals' life planning…e.g. early detection…just like with medical issues.
  5. Accountants/CPAs are not educating on this twofold subject matter because they focus almost exclusively on tax preparation in the current year, without regard to the long-term tax liability consequences during a potentially 20-30+ years of retirement. In that timeline, a doctors’ total lifetime tax liability could be a million dollars +.