What we do!

We are educators on principle protected ‘safe money strategies’ for tax-advantaged accumulation coupled with tax-free distributions. Our implementation of legal financial concepts to maximize your retirement net-spendable dollars are 100% IRS approved.

The lifetime benefits for our clients are:

  • Keep more of your lifetime earnings all thru a potentially long retirement of 20-30+ years
  • Guaranteed income no matter how long you live… e.g., guaranteed lifetime income
  • Maximize tax-free lifetime income because of potentially higher future taxes
  • Understand and trust… what/how/why… of ‘safe money strategies’
  • Worry less and sleep better at night all during a potentially long retirement

Bottom Line: It is all about mitigating and/or eliminating risk and taxes as much as legally possible no matter how long we live…aka ‘protection planning’

We have found that properly implementing ‘safe money strategies’ over time… that is focused on eliminating ‘risk’ and ‘taxes’… achieves better lifetime outcomes than most of the typical mainstream investing advise.

Note:  Please view the 2 simple educational graphs to ‘start’ the learning process on safe money protection concepts.

These 2 financial concepts are not common knowledge…but literally every doctor is subjected to their positive financial outcomes as well as negative financial outcomes. They are simple to understand and are super powerful in the realm of saving and protecting a lifetime of hard-earned money. We will explain both concepts at your convenience in a live voice call. Both concepts are automatically active in everything we do.


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